Archie Blue: Who and Why

To those encountering the music of Archie Blue for the first time: we are a group that was based in the State College area from 1979 to 1987, initially as a laboratory band centered around my songs and lyrics. We performed locally a good deal but also did college concerts, arts festivals, and some prestigious clubs, most notably Pittsburgh's Decade. Our first(and recently re-released) album NEW DAY COMIN' was produced by music industry legend Van Dyke Parks, who traveled east to work with us. This recording was released in early 1982, received considerable airplay in the Northeast and some national exposure on the soundtrack to MAGIC IN THE AFTERNOON(winner of the Golden Cine award for 1984), and on ABC's DATELINE. After our last performance, we wound down and went our separate ways, always remaining in contact and performing together in various informal configurations.

ARCHIE BLUE was formed to foster the values of an open-minded and thoughtful approach to rock music. We remained(and still do) committed to the values of significant forebearers who opened up avenues of expression for us. The list is long but includes Procol Harum, The Band, Steely Dan, and yes, Bob Dylan to a degree. Quite obviously they all concerned themselves with the possibilities of meaningful lyrics and the musical expansions of forms and sounds. We are still pursuing the ideal of a synergistic and identifiable group sound.

After 25 years of not performing publicly, we reappeared at State College's SBMF(Summer's Best Music Fest) on June 30, 2012 to a very warm reception. I'm pleased to say this was somewhat random: There had been a growing number of requests for a re-release of NEW DAY COMIN' and much interest from the public in the possibilities of live performance, both of which have now been achieved. We are certain to continue, as we find ourselves already in a state of growth and promise with new original material directly ahead. These musicians are more than seasoned--they are peaking, and they bring accumulated musical wisdom to the present.

A great many tags were applied to us: "Fusion" "Jazz-Rock" "Prog Rock" I prefer a fellow musician's description: "Intelligent Rhythm Music"

I am excited to be with these people and to provide music of our time for a discerning audience. Stay tuned!

Arthur Goldstein for Archie Blue Fall 2012